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Table 2 Jurkat variants found in the ClinVar database

From: A genome-wide survey of mutations in the Jurkat cell line

rsID Jurkat AF Gene Phenotype ClinVar accession
ClinVar substitutions
rs63750636 1.0 MSH2 Lynch syndrome RCV000076405.3
rs397517342 0.75 CDH23 Usher syndrome type 1D RCV000039224.2
rs397516435 0.25 TP53 Li-Fraumeni syndrome RCV000205265.3
ClinVar short deletions
rs63750075 MSH6 Lynch syndrome RCV000074711.2
rs398122841 BAX Carcinoma of colon RCV000010120.5
rs397508104 KCNQ1-(AS1) Long QT syndrome RCV000046039.3
rs750664956 ASPM Not provided RCV000217980.1
rs786204835 PURA Not provided RCV000169739.5
ClinVar short insertions
rs397507178 RAD50 Hereditary cancer RCV000030958.3
rs398122840 BAX Carcinoma of colon RCV000010119.5