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Table 2 False positive and false negative values of SWGIS v2.0 calculated for different non-naïve chromosomes

From: EuGI: a novel resource for studying genomic islands to facilitate horizontal gene transfer detection in eukaryotes

  False positive a False negative
A. fumigatus NC_007194 18% 30.93%
F. oxysporum CM000593 16% 34.54%
S. cerevisisae BK006941 2% 11.34%
C. neoformans NC_026749 7% 42.78%
T. parva NC_007344 25% 7.22%
P. falciparum NC_004329 22% 5.67%
D. melanogaster NC_004353 49% 13.40%
C. elegans NC_003279 6% 9.28%
  1. aRandom chromosome fragments were moved from the successive chromosome of the one listed in the table (e.g. for A. fumigatus random fragments were moved from NC_007195 to NC_007194, and similarly for the other organisms listed in column one)