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Fig. 1

From: TSVdb: a web-tool for TCGA splicing variants analysis

Fig. 1

An illustration of the TSVdb database. The top of the web page displays the query parameters buttons; under those buttons were the figure legends. Under the legends were the main results. The sample type, gene expression and exon/junction usage (patients are presented in columns arranged according to their gene expression from low to high in each group and the exons/junctions are arrayed in rows) are displayed on the right side and from the top down. The left side shows the gene transcriptional pattern, in which the thin lines represent the introns and boxes connected by the lines represent the exons corresponding to the rows on the right side. Hovering or clicking on the rows will highlight the corresponding exon in the transcription pattern and double clicking on the rows will open the UCSC Genome Browser in a new tab/window and showing the gene structure. Additionally, clicking on the isoform structure lead to isoform-specific expression data or a survival curve

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