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Table 9 Ingenuity Pathway Analysis: main pathways impacted by hydrolysate-supplemented diets

From: Dietary aquaculture by-product hydrolysates: impact on the transcriptomic response of the intestinal mucosa of European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) fed low fish meal diets

TH diet versus FM5 diet SH diet versus FM5 diet MH diet versus FM5 diet
Top Canonical Pathways (Name/p-value/Overlap) Top Canonical Pathways (Name/p-value/Overlap) Top Canonical Pathways (Name/p-value/Overlap)
Glycolysis I/1.23E-03/8% Role of Lipids/Lipid Rafts in the Pathogenesis of Influenza/9.11E-04/9.1% Superpathway of Cholesterol Biosynthesis/2.13E-17/42.9%
Gluconeogenesis I/1.23E-03/8% Glutamine Biosynthesis I/2.04E-03/100% Cholesterol Biosynthesis I/6.27E-16/69.2%
Glutamine Biosynthesis I/2.08E-03/100% Xanthine and Xanthosine Salvage/2.04E-03/100% Cholesterol Biosynthesis II (via 24.25-dihydrolanosterol) / 6.27E-16/69.2%
FXR/RXR Activation/2.30E-03/2.4% Type II Diabetes Mellitus Signalling/2.20E-03/2.4% Cholesterol Biosynthesis III (via Desmosterol)/6.27E-/ 69.2%
IL-17A Signalling in Fibroblasts/2.41E-03/5.7% IL-17A Signalling in Fibroblasts/2.31E-03/5.7% Zymosterol Biosynthesis/1.48E-07/66.7%
Molecular and Cellular Functions (Name/p-value/#Molecules) Molecular and Cellular Functions (Name/p-value/#Molecules) Molecular and Cellular Functions (Name/p-value/#Molecules)
Cell Morphology/2.27E-02 - 1.27E-05/9 Cell Death and Survival/1.73E-02 - 1.81E-05/14 Lipid Metabolism/6.58E-03 - 2.66E-14/79
Carbohydrate Metabolism/2.67E-02 - 6.33E-05/9 Cell-To-Cell Signalling and Interaction/1.62E-02 - 2.68E-05/10 Small Molecule Biochemistry/6.58E-03 - 2.66E-14/106
Small Molecule Biochemistry/2.75E-02 - 6.33E-05/20 Cellular Development 1.72E-02 -/3.65E-05/15 Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism/6.25E-03 - 1.96E-11/30
Amino Acid Metabolism/2.67E-02 - 2.76E-04/4 Cellular Function and Maintenance/1.73E-02 - 3.65E-05/14 Molecular Transport/6.25E-03 - 3.02E-10/74
Post-Translational Modification/1.24E-02 - 2.76E-04/2 Cellular Growth and Proliferation/1.72E-02 - 3.65E-05/12 Carbohydrate Metabolism/6.25E-03 - 1.60E-08/43
  1. TH tilapia hydrolysate, SH shrimp hydrolysate, MH mixed hydrolysate, FM5 low fish meal diet