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Table 4 Validity of DEGs in Transcriptomic data

From: Transcriptomic analysis of adaptive mechanisms in response to sudden salinity drop in the mud crab, Scylla paramamosain

Gene ID Transcriptome results verification results
Gene.7653 up up
Gene.16162 up up
Gene.54888 up up
Gene.22643 up up
Gene.6925 up up
Gene. 803 down down
Gene. 18,132 down down
Gene. 1196 down down
Gene. 397 down down
Gene. 2748 down down
  1. Gene. 7653: CL1096.Contig1_All, Gene. 16,162: CL2951.Contig2_All, Gene. 54,888: Unigene41750_All, Gene. 22,643: CL4861.Contig2_All, Gene. 6925: CL979.Contig3_All, Gene. 803: CL94.Contig5_All, Gene. 18,132: CL3482.Contig1_All, Gene. 1196:CL4395.Contig1_All, Gene. 397: CL41.Contig2_All, Gene. 2748: CL358.Contig1_All. The S. paramamosain beta-actin gene and 18S rRNA gene were selected as the internal control