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Fig. 2

From: The coupling of transcriptome and proteome adaptation during development and heat stress response of tomato pollen

Fig. 2

Identification of genes showing direct and delayed translation. a Genes showing stage-increased transcript levels in tetrads (T increased), post-meiotic (PM increased) and mature pollen (M increased) were traced in the protein clusters. b Genes showing stage-increased protein levels (T increased, PM increased and M increased) were traced in transcript clusters. Circle sizes are proportional to the gene overlap between T, PM and M increased and protein (a) or transcript clusters (b). For this purpose, the gene overlaps were scaled between 0 (lowest gene overlap) and 1 (highest gene overlap) independently for T, PM and M increased. Further, we defined gene overlaps as showing direct (green circles) or delayed translation (red circles) if they had a scaled value above 0.5. Direct translation was present when increased transcript levels were accompanied by increased protein levels, whereas delayed translation was apparent when the increase of protein levels was postponed by one developmental stage

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