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Table 2 The most enriched KEGG pathways from C. semilaevis in response to long-term hypotonic stress

From: Liver transcriptome analysis reveals extensive transcriptional plasticity during acclimation to low salinity in Cynoglossus semilaevis

Pathways Corrected P-Value DEGs
Steroid biosynthesis 1.86E-10 sc5d, cyp51, ebp, LOC103395808, LOC103389307↓, LOC103389284↓, lss, msmo1, dhcr7, dhcr24
Terpenoid backbone biosynthesis 2.43E-05 acat2, pmvk, hmgcs1, fdps, mvk, hmgcr
Metabolic pathways 0.001746903 LOC103388276↓, LOC103392251↓, LOC103397733, sc5d, acat2, cyp51, abat↓, LOC103399583↓, LOC103381542↓, ebp, LOC103387723↓, LOC103395808, gamt↓, ddc↓, acy1↓, LOC103378976↓, pmvk, fdps, LOC103396493↓, hmgcs1, LOC103390352↓, mvk, LOC103389307↓, idh1, LOC103389284↓, hmgcr, lss, LOC103396997, msmo1, dhcr7, dhcr24, LOC103377813
Butanoate metabolism 0.005924384 aacs, acat2, abat↓, hmgcs1
Glycerolipid metabolism 0.014735483 LOC103387723↓, LOC103397733, LOC103389307↓, LOC103389284↓, LOC103396997
2-Oxocarboxylic acid metabolism 0.030077568 LOC103399583↓, acy1↓, idh1
  1. ↓ indicates that the gene was down-regulated.