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Table 3 DR pathways modulated in B57 or A22 genetic background

From: Genetic and transcriptomic analyses provide new insights on the early antiviral response to VHSV in resistant and susceptible rainbow trout

Induced in B57 Induced in A22
1692 RT sequences / 1082 DR genes 2425 RT sequences / 1399 DR genes
KEGG pathway pvalue KEGG pathway pvalue
Lysosome 0.01 Focal adhesion 0.00003
Ether lipid metabolism 0.01 Regulation of actin cytoskeleton 0.00004
Phosphatidylinositol signaling system 0.01 ECM-receptor interaction 0.0001
Inositol phosphate metabolism 0.01 p53 signaling pathway 0.0007
Porphyrin and chlorophyll metabolism 0.03 Tight junction 0.0027
Notch signaling pathway 0.04 MAPK signaling pathway 0.01
Glycerophospholipid metabolism 0.04 Steroid biosynthesis 0.02
Adherens junction 0.05 Vascular smooth muscle contraction 0.02
Jak-STAT signaling pathway 0.08 Wnt signaling pathway 0.02
TGF-beta signaling pathway 0.09 Folate biosynthesis 0.04
  1. DR Danio rerio
  2. RT rainbow trout
  3. Bold: Pathways related to antiviral innate immune response