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Table 1 Top 10 up-regulated and down-regulated genes in prostate cancer samples

From: Characterization of kinase gene expression and splicing profile in prostate cancer with RNA-Seq data

Gene Symbol log2(Fold-change) p-value Role in prostate cancer based on literature and database search
Top 10 up-regulated genes
 PLA2G2A 2.3884419 0 An enzyme in inflammatory process, might serve as a prognostic marker
 ORM1 3.9940791 0 AR-activated gene and involved in AR pathway
 TARP 2.0779529 3.13E-196 Prostate-specific protein and leads to increased growth rate of prostate cancer cells
 ORM2 3.0434879 1.52E-157  
 PCA3 4.0035279 1.26E-132 Highly expressed in prostate cancer tissue, a genetic marker for prostate cancer diagnosis
 SPON2 2.0706815 9.75E-121 Over expressed in prostate cancer tissues, could be used as a biomarker
 HPN 2.4321643 5.79E-49 Involved in maintenance of cell morphology and growth of various cancer types, correlates with progression of prostate cancer and promotes cancer progression and metastasis
 STEAP4 1.9395011 4.48E-44 Module metastasis and invasion of cancer cells through regulating focal adhesion kinase activation
 MCCC2 2.0394019 4.89E-41 AR-regulated gene and strongly up-regulated in primary prostate cancer
 PDLIM5 1.8980125 2.39E-40  
Top 10 down-regulated genes
 SERPINA3 −1.496602 0 Associated with increased risk of prostate cancer
 LTF −1.576865 0 Plays roles in several important biological processes such as cellular growth, inflammatory response, cancer development and metastasis
 SAA1 −4.021895 0  
 LCN2 −2.156207 0  
 SOD2 −0.886676 1.82E-268 A tumor suppressor gene, the suppression of prostate cancer cell growth by mediating the senescence-associated tumor suppression
 CFB −1.251122 5.91E-225  
 MT2A −0.516269 2.57E-188 Interact with kinase domain of protein kinase Cmu(PKCmu) in prostate cancer
 OLFM4 −1.481793 6.63E-188 Inhibit prostate cancer growth and metastasis with nteraction of cathepsin D and SDF-1
 PSCA −0.367134 1.70E-186  
 S100A9 −2.169907 8.63E-143