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Table 2 Biologically Relevant Processes with Enriched Gene Sets in the Frontal Cortical Region

From: Gene expression analysis indicates reduced memory and cognitive functions in the hippocampus and increase in synaptic reorganization in the frontal cortex 3 weeks after MDMA administration in Dark Agouti rats

Biological Process Number of Enriched Gene Sets Related to the Process Direction
Protein synthesis and localization 21
Transmembrane transport 10
Nucleocytoplasmic transport 7
Cell growth 6 ⬆⬇
Others 4 ⬆⬇
Chromatin maintenance 3
Dendrite and synapse development 3
Oxidoreductase activity 2
  1. This table summarizes the biological processes significantly altered in the frontal cortex (FC) of Dark Agouti (DA) rats after a single-dose 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) treatment (15 mg/kg, intraperitoneal) 3 weeks earlier. The processes were created based on the network analysis of gene set enrichment x analysis and individual considerations. All significantly enriched GO terms are included in one of the processes. Downward arrows represent down-, upward arrows represent upregulations. In some of the biological processes both up- and downregulated gene sets were present (mixed up- and downward arrows). See text for further details