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Table 1 Biological processes over-represented (p < 0.02) in the co-expression module M11

From: Diel rewiring and positive selection of ancient plant proteins enabled evolution of CAM photosynthesis in Agave

GO ID GO Term Corrected P-Value
GO:0009738 Abscisic acid-activated signaling pathway 4.2E-08
GO:0016311 Dephosphorylation 6.2E-08
GO:0071215 Cellular response to abscisic acid stimulus 9.0E-08
GO:0009737 Response to abscisic acid 9.3E-08
GO:0097306 Cellular response to alcohol 5.1E-07
GO:0071396 Cellular response to lipid 6.6E-07
GO:0006470 Protein dephosphorylation 7.0E-07
GO:0097305 Response to alcohol 7.8E-07
GO:0009611 Response to wounding 4.6E-06
GO:0009745 Sucrose mediated signaling 4.8E-04
GO:0009753 Response to jasmonic acid 6.3E-04
GO:0019722 Calcium-mediated signaling 1.7E-03
GO:0009788 Negative regulation of abscisic acid-activated signaling pathway 1.8E-03
GO:1901420 Negative regulation of response to alcohol 1.8E-03
GO:0009694 Jasmonic acid metabolic process 2.5E-03
GO:1901419 Regulation of response to alcohol 2.6E-03
GO:0009787 Regulation of abscisic acid-activated signaling pathway 2.6E-03
GO:0009968 Negative regulation of signal transduction 2.7E-03
GO:0010648 Negative regulation of cell communication 2.7E-03
GO:0023057 Negative regulation of signaling 2.7E-03
GO:0019856 Pyrimidine nucleobase biosynthetic process 2.7E-03
GO:0010224 Response to UV-B 5.0E-03
GO:0019932 Second-messenger-mediated signaling 6.0E-03
GO:0010243 Response to organonitrogen compound 6.1E-03
GO:0006835 Dicarboxylic acid transport 6.3E-03
GO:0009875 Pollen-pistil interaction 6.3E-03
GO:0010200 Response to chitin 6.5E-03
GO:0009695 Jasmonic acid biosynthetic process 7.0E-03
GO:0006206 Pyrimidine nucleobase metabolic process 7.4E-03
GO:0006984 ER-nucleus signaling pathway 8.1E-03
GO:0071324 Cellular response to disaccharide stimulus 8.3E-03
GO:0071329 Cellular response to sucrose stimulus 8.3E-03
GO:0042538 Hyperosmotic salinity response 9.6E-03
GO:0030968 Endoplasmic reticulum unfolded protein response 1.1E-02
GO:0015743 Malate transport 1.2E-02
GO:0034620 Cellular response to unfolded protein 1.3E-02
GO:0035967 Cellular response to topologically incorrect protein 1.3E-02
GO:0010118 Stomatal movement 1.3E-02
GO:0006986 Response to unfolded protein 1.3E-02
GO:0048544 Recognition of pollen 1.5E-02
GO:0008037 Cell recognition 1.6E-02
GO:0009827 Plant-type cell wall modification 1.8E-02
GO:0015740 C4-dicarboxylate transport 1.9E-02