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Table 2 The sensitivity and specificity of the heterozygous sites and Bayesian model-based clustering approaches for detecting mixed infection in artificial mixture and replicate samples. Calculations assume that the 4 technical replicates of one sample that were classified as mixed by the heterozygous sites method came from a pure sample. True positives were taken as the known artificially mixed Malawi samples (Table 1), and true negatives as the known pure Malawi samples (Table 1), and all H37Rv and Portuguese replicate strains (Additional file 1)

From: Identifying mixed Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections from whole genome sequence data

  Number of mixed samples detected
Heterozygous sites method Bayesian model-based clustering
Artificial mixed Malawi samples 33/36 27/36
Pure Malawi samples 0/12 0/12
Technical replicates 0/18 0/18
Biological replicates 4/32 0/32
Sensitivity of method 91.7% 75.0%
Specificity of method 93.5% 100%