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Table 4 Genes differentially transcribed in bees with or without Nosema fed rich diets versus carbohydrates

From: Transcriptional response of honey bee (Apis mellifera) to differential nutritional status and Nosema infection

Treatment Comparison ↑ Genes Drosophila orthologs ↓ Genes Drosophila orthologues Total A. mellifera genes
PN vs. CN 52 40 1489 906 1541
P vs. C 50 42 577 306 627
MN vs. CN 91 49 231 134 322
M vs. C 208 113 89 48 297
BN vs. CN 18 13 219 92 237
B vs. C 148 90 135 80 283
  1. Numbers of genes regulated by rich diet feeding. Differential expression in healthy bees fed pollen (P), Bee-Pro (B) or MegaBee (M) is assessed against carbohydrates only diet (C). Respectively, the same diet treatments in Nosema-infected bees are referred to as PN, BN and MN, which differential expression is considered against carbohydrates/Nosema (CN). The up and down arrows denote genes that are up- or downregulated through RNA-seq analysis; the numbers of known Drosophila orthologs are also described