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Table 6 Gene network analysis of immune expression

From: Transcriptional response of honey bee (Apis mellifera) to differential nutritional status and Nosema infection

Interaction % Bioprocess FDR # Genes
Co-expression 73.72 Positive regulation of antimicrobial peptide biosynthesis 7.90e-7 5/ 28
Genetic 13.17 Defense response to fungus 8.15e-6 5/ 52
Physical 12.74 External biotic stimulus 1.23e-11 12/ 288
Toll signaling pathway 1.30e-9 7/ 47
  1. Immune and defense genes differentially expressed in infected bees fed carbohydrates instead of pollen (PN vs. CN) was analyzed in GeneMania. Types of interactions in the resulting network are described with their percentage. Enriched defense processes were uncovered, of which a select number are described. Gene accounts and FDR were calculated based on the Drosophila genome