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Fig. 11

From: Cryptic sequence features in the active postmortem transcriptome

Fig. 11

Gene transcript abundances measured by a calibrated microarray [41, 42] (log transformed) by postmortem time. Abundances were normalized to flash frozen live controls (L). Black line, average. (a) Mouse: Open circle, represents Gm11007, Gm2007, Gm4631, Gm14434, Gm2026, Gm14305, Gm14399, Gm14325, Zfp969, Gm4724, Gm14326 transcripts; closed circle, Zfp967, Zfp969, Zfp968; open square, Gm14410; closed square, Gm14305; open triangle, Gm14322; closed triangle, Gm14308; closed diamond, Gm14412. All points are the average of 3 replicates per sample time except the 48 h, which is the average of 2 replicates. (b) Zebrafish: Pimr transcript. Each point in the zebrafish represents the average of two individuals per sample time. Data are from ref. [4]

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