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Fig. 1

From: A comparative analysis of library prep approaches for sequencing low input translatome samples

Fig. 1

Descriptive characteristics of raw and mapped reads. a Total number of raw reads and number of reads mapped to the mouse genome (mm10, GRCm38.84). b Percentage of reads mapped to exonic, intronic and intergenic regions. NEB: NEBNext® Ultra™, NuG: NuGEN Ovation®, SMTer: SMARTer® Stranded; Tru4: TruSeq using 4 ng of RNA; Tru70: TruSeq using 70 ng of RNA. SMTseq4: SMART-Seq® v4 using 4 ng of RNA; SMTseq0.25: SMART-Seq® v4 using 250 pg of RNA

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