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Table 2 Trinity assembly summary statistics of de novo reference transcriptome for limb regeneration in a non-model terrestrial salamander, Bolitoglossa ramosi (Caudata: Plethodontidae)

From: Using transcriptomics to enable a plethodontid salamander (Bolitoglossa ramosi) for limb regeneration research

Parameter Number
Total aligned reads 1,641,919,128
Total number of high quality assembled paired-end reads 654,673,506
Total trinity transcripts 577,037
Total trinity ‘genes’ 433,809
Average ‘genes’ length (pb) 569
%GC 43,59
Longest contig (bp) 20,709
Shortest contig 224
Number of contigs > 200 bp 390,662
Number of contigs > 1 Kb 40,133
Number of contigs > 5 Kb 2797
Number of contigs > 10 Kb 217
Number of predict ORFs (transdecoder) 83,764