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Table 3 PCR validation for RNA-seq and microarray technologies across events detected by one or both technologies

From: Comparison of RNA-seq and microarray platforms for splice event detection using a cross-platform algorithm

AS Event Category RNA-seq Arrays
Top-ranked events (topRNA, topArrays) 5/5 5/5
Significant in RNA-seq and not detected by arrays (R + M) 5/5
Significant in arrays and not detected by RNA-seq (RM+) 5/5
Detected by both. Significant in RNA-seq, not significant in arrays (R + M-) 5/5
Detected by both. Significant in arrays, not significant in RNA-seq (R-M+) 3/5
Detected by both. Significant and coherent events (R + M+) 5/5
  1. Values reported are validations / events selected