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Fig. 5

From: Bead-linked transposomes enable a normalization-free workflow for NGS library preparation

Fig. 5

Application of Nextera DNA Flex to bacterial amplicons. a Libraries prepared using Nextera DNA Flex showed more consistent, even coverage compared with libraries prepared using Nextera XT; data depicts the sequence coverage of libraries prepared from the 3 kb E. coli amplicon. b PCR products ranging in size from 50 bp to 3 kb amplified from E. coli gDNA visualized on a 1% agarose gel. c Libraries prepared from a 1 ng input of these E. coli amplicons resulted in Bioanalyzer traces that depicted a slight increase in fragment size with increasing amplicon size. d Libraries were sequenced on a MiSeq and coverage of the E. coli genome determined for the different amplicon fragment size inputs. Sequenceable libraries were generated from amplicons ranging in size from 50 bp to 3 kb. e When sequencing data was downsampled to 25,000 reads, the larger fragment inputs were reaching a coverage maximum

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