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Table 1 Information of RNA-Seq libraries used for the virome study of lily cultivar “Sorbonne”

From: RNA viromes of the oriental hybrid lily cultivar “Sorbonne”

Index SRA accession No. Tissues
A SRR787322 Pooled with different tissues such as basal roots, scales, leaves, epidermis, tepals, and stigmas
B1 SRR6837843 Upper stem
B2 SRR6837844 Upper stem
B3 SRR6837845 Lower stem
B4 SRR6837846 Apex
B5 SRR6837847 Upper stem
B6 SRR6837848 Lower stem
B7 SRR6837850 Lower stem
B8 SRR6837851 Root
B9 SRR6837852 Bulb
B10 SRR6837853 Lower stem
B11 SRR6837854 Root
B12 SRR6837855 Leaf
B13 SRR6837856 Upper stem
C1 SRR4125791 Leaf
C2 SRR4128962 Scale
C3 SRR4128968 Scale
C4 SRR4131341 Scale
C5 SRR4131406 Flower
C6 SRR4142853 Leaf
C7 SRR4143329 Flower
C8 SRR4143339 Flower
  1. Name of each library with respective SRA accession number and lily tissues used for library preparation were indicated