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Table 4 Presence of toxins, bacteriocins and antitoxins within phage regions of the analyzed P. parmentieri strains

From: High genomic variability in the plant pathogenic bacterium Pectobacterium parmentieri deciphered from de novo assembled complete genomes

Strain Intact prophages Genes encoding toxins in phage regions Genes encoding antitoxins in phage regions
HigB CcdB YafO RelE Bacteriocins HigA YafN
IFB5408 1 C5E17_10830
IFB5427 4 C5E18_11805 C5E18_11035 C5E18_08010
IFB5432 2 C5E19_17230 C5E19_17060 C5E19_17110
IFB5441 3 C5E20_17730
IFB5485 0
IFB5486 3 C5E22_20550
IFB5597 1
IFB5604 0
IFB5605 4 C5E24_11080 C5E24_10885 C5E24_08305
IFB5619 0
IFB5623 2
IFB5626 3 C5E26_17330 C5E00_05110 C5E00_02270
CFBP 8475T 1 A8F97_RS10330
SCC3193 0
WPP0163 0