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Table 4 siRNA DC-clusters differentially expressed in galls at 14dpi with sequence identity to Arabidopsis transposable elements

From: Characterization of siRNAs clusters in Arabidopsis thaliana galls induced by the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita

DC-clusters Downstream genes TE
Cluster name variation Gene name Gene description (TAIR) Log2 G/R Similarity TE name
G/R 14 dpi 7 dpi 14 dpi
chr1:17018600–17,021,142 up At1g45015 MD-2-related lipid recognition domain-containing protein No −1.6 0.7642 TNAT2A
chr2:14492683–14,493,021 up At2g34350 Nodulin-like / Major Facilitator Superfamily No −0.7 0.8050 ATTIRX1A
chr2:18083599–18,083,939 up At2g43590 Chitinase family No −1.1 0.7284 ATTIRX1B
chr2:5923051–5,923,711 up At2g14080 Disease resistance protein (TIR-NBS-LRR class) No −0.7 0.8189 ATLINE1A
chr2:5924097–5,924,304 up   0.6909 ATCOPIA95 I
chr3:10719116–10,720,702 up At3g28600 P-loop containing nucleoside triphosphate hydrolases No −1.0 0.7458 Sadhu7–2
chr3:11195491–11,195,822 up At3g29250 NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold superfamily protein No −0.9 0.7312 ATHILA4D LTR
chr3:22215861–22,216,213 up At3g60140 Protein similar to beta-glucosidase and is a member of glycoside hydrolase family 1 (DIN2, SRG2) 0.7 −2.1 0.9794 ATREP13
chr4:6489725–6,490,158 up At4g10500 Oxidoreductase, 2OG-Fe(II) oxygenase family protein −0.8 2.3 0.7176 ATHATN3
0.7826 ATHAT8
chr4:6490209–6,490,725 up 0.7794 ATHATN4
0.8434 ATHATN4
chr5:20165643–20,165,928 up At5g49660 Xylem intermixed with phloem 1 No −1.2 0.7474 ATHATN3
chr5:3750834–3,753,121 up At5g11670 Malic enzyme (NADP-ME2) −1.4 −1.0 0.8554 ATHATN4
chr5:5716875–5,717,705 up At5g17340 Putative membrane lipoprotein No −2.1 0.7153 AtSB4
  1. siRNA DC-clusters differentially expressed in galls compared to uninfected roots at 14 dpi located in promoter regions and with expression patterns inversely correlated with those of the associated differentially expressed genes and with sequence identity to A. thaliana TE. The upregulation (up) of the cluster in galls (G) compared to uninfected roots (R) at 7 dpi (variation G/R 7 dpi), the AGI gene name, the description of the encoded protein from TAIR and the log2 values of galls/roots at 7 and 14 dpi obtained from microarrays [32, 45] were indicated