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Table 6 siRNA DC-clusters differentially expressed in galls at 14dpi located in the vicinity of Arabidopsis transposable elements

From: Characterization of siRNAs clusters in Arabidopsis thaliana galls induced by the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita

DC-cluster name Gene name Gene description TE similarity TE name
chr1:8383930–8,384,530 At1g23710 hypothetical protein 0.7606 ATHATN9
chr1:9412105–9,412,396 chr1:9412541–9,412,703 At1g27100 Actin cross-linking protein 0.8485 AtSB2
chr1:11737691–11,737,819 At1g32460 hypothetical protein 0.9656 ATREP3
chr1:12890229–12,890,337 At1g35190 2-oxoglutarate (2OG) and Fe(II)-dependent oxygenase 0.7529 ATLINE1 5
0.8714 ATHATN2
chr1:24483137–24,483,294 At1g65820 microsomal glutathione s-transferase 0.9008 ATHPOGON3
chr2:743734–743,891 At2g02680 Cysteine/Histidine-rich C1 domain family 0.8144 TNAT1A
0.8421 DT1
0.7864 TNAT1A
chr2:7123544–7,123,869 At2g16430 purple acid phosphatase 10 0.7983 ATMUNX1
chr2:9979300–9,979,500 At2g23430 cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor protein (KRP1) 0.8657 ATTIR16T3A
chr2:10139020–10,139,268 At2g23810 Tetraspanin Tet8 0.7800 BRODYAGA1A
chr2:18703172–18,703,490 At2g45380 myeloid leukemia factor 0.9818 ATLINEIII
chr3:9964887–9,966,036 At3g27020 metal-nicotianamine transporter YSL6 0.7614 ATREP7
chr3:11031230–11,031,528 chr3:11030736–11,031,214 At3g29034 transmembrane protein 0.6516 ATCOPIN_LTR
chr4:6144430–6,145,149 At4g09750 NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold superfamily 0.6691 ATLINE2
chr4:6312052–6,312,340 At4g10110 RNA recognition motif (RRM)-containing protein 0.7590 ATMUN1
0.7882 ATLINE1A
0.8201 ATREP1
chr5:8671661–8,672,311 At5g25140 Cytochrome P450 0.8462 ATREP2
chr5:16944206–16,944,689 At5g42380 calmodulin like 37 0.7117 TAG1
chr5:25936470–25,936,892 At5g64900 Putative 92-aa protein that is the precursor of AtPep1 0.8824 ATREP6
chr5:25935269–25,935,884 0.8854 ATREP6
  1. List siRNA DC-clusters differentially expressed in galls at 14 dpi located in promoter regions, with expression patterns inversely correlated with those of the associated differentially expressed genes and located in the vicinity of A. thaliana TE. The AGI gene name, the description of the encoded protein from TAIR, the TE similarity and TE name were indicated