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Table 2 ΔBIC from the intercept-only model for four measures of biological plausibility of contacts

From: Fine mapping chromatin contacts in capture Hi-C data

Model Non-activated Activated
a: Promoter: match to Cao et al.   
MPPC −338.0 −245.8
CHiCAGO −332.2 −331.4
MPPC + CHiCAGO a−411.6 a−358.8
b: Promoter: link to active chromatin   
MPPC −1134.2 −812.3
CHiCAGO −659.5 −560.1
MPPC + CHiCAGO a−1231.1 a−924.0
c: Validation: overlap baited promoter   
MPPC −404.8 −347.9
CHiCAGO −430.0 −419.2
MPPC + CHiCAGO a−541.7 a−499.0
d: Validation: expression at linked promoter   
MPPC −1571.0 a−1329.2
CHiCAGO −871.9 −430.2
MPPC + CHiCAGO a−1640.3 −1318.7
  1. The best fitting model (lowest ΔBIC) is highlighted by a. ad are defined in full in the “Methods” section. Briefly,
  2. a whether the bait-prey pair corresponds to published CD4 + T cell promoter-enhancer networks [17];
  3. b whether the prey fragment overlaps active chromatin states defined by [7];
  4. c whether the prey overlaps a gene promoter;
  5. d the level of expression of a gene associated with the prey fragment. In all cases, a robust clustered model was used to account for repeated observations at the prey fragment