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Fig. 1

From: Time matters! Developmental shift in gene expression between the head and the trunk region of the cichlid fish Astatotilapia burtoni

Fig. 1

Comprehensive transcriptome construction for A. burtoni. A new transcriptome resource was generated with two approaches; the available genome annotation for A. burtoni was redefined by mapping RNA-seq data from A. burtoni developmental stages to the reference genome (resource 1, new annotation; Additional file 3: Data S1). In a second step we generated de novo assemblies from developmental and adult [26] data and combined them with a previously published transcriptome dataset [27]. From this hybrid pre-assembly, we kept transcripts that were missing from the genome reference (resource 2, novel transcripts; Additional file 4: Data S2). Novel transcripts were combined with transcripts from the novel annotation. To study transcript expression through time, this combined dataset was clustered to collapse splicing variants to a minimum and resulted in a final hybrid assembly of 91,098 transcripts. For further workflow details see also Additional file 1: Figures S2 and S4. Orange stars: resources generated in this study provided as Additional files 3 and 4: Data S1 and S2

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