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Table 4 P-value of candidate genes in result of gene-set analysis

From: Genome-wide association study reveals novel loci associated with body size and carcass yields in Pekin ducks

Gene (Position) BW42 EW HEW LMWP
ATP11A (chr1:139901369–140,226,060) 5.05E-06 4.29E-06 3.83E-07 6.50E-06
LOC101791418 (chr1:140013382–140,221,357) 4.33E-06 1.30E-06 1.90E-06 5.92E-06
TUBGCP3 (chr1:140058527–140,304,184) 4.93E-06 1.61E-06 2.16E-06 6.75E-06
  1. 42-day body weight (BW42), Eviscerated weight (EW), Half-eviscerated weight (HEW) and Leg muscle weight percentage (LMWP)