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Fig. 5

From: Translocation of a parthenogenesis gene candidate to an alternate carrier chromosome in apomictic Brachiaria humidicola

Fig. 5

Comparison of the ASGR carrier chromosome with the physicial map of S. italica chromosome 1. Synteny between CIAT 16888 linkage group 1b, the carrier chromosome of the apospory specific genomic region (ASGR), and foxtail millet (S. italica) chromosome 1. The ASGR and the ASGR-specific amplicon from p778/p779 are in red and blue bold font respectively. Genetic positions are given in centimorgans. The physical map of foxtail millet chromosome 1 has been inverted to facilitate visualization of synteny and each unit of the physical map represents 2.5 × 105 bp

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