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Table 9 Top Regulator Effect Networks generated from CpG DNA and poly(I:C)-stimulated Bomac cell line after 6 h of stimulation. (A) CpG DNA, (B) poly(I:C). Data were analyzed in IPA (QIAGEN Inc.,

From: Bacterial and viral pathogen-associated molecular patterns induce divergent early transcriptomic landscapes in a bovine macrophage cell line

  Regulators Diseases & Functions Consistency Score
A Cg,HIF1A,miR-3202 (miRNAs w/seed GGAAGGG) cell movement of embryonic cell lines 4.025
BMP6,Ins1,MYC lymphoproliferative disorder 3.328
ERG,RXRA Growth Failure 2.121
miR-4525 (and other miRNAs w/seed GGGGGAU) Growth Failure −4.082
IGF1 Growth Failure −5.367
B Interferon alpha Replication of viral replicon 3.606
Interferon alpha Viral life cycle 3.606
lipopolysaccharide Replication of viral replicon 3.464
PRL Immune response of cells 3.357
IFNA2 Replication of viral replicon 3.317