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Table 1 Transcript Assembly Metrics for the Transcriptomic Library Generated from the brain of male and female Amami spiny rats

From: Sexual dimorphism in brain transcriptomes of Amami spiny rats (Tokudaia osimensis): a rodent species where males lack the Y chromosome

Categories Number of Reads or Percentage
Total Assembly Lengtha 478,202,943
Number of Assembled Transcriptsa 569,369
Mean Transcript Lengtha 839.88
Transcript N50a 1751
N Transcripts > 1 k nta 116,192
Longest Transcripta 22,701
N Transcripts with an identifiable ORFa 80,210
BUSCO: Completeb 76.4%
BUSCO: Complete Single Copyb 29.4%
BUSCO: Complete Duplicatedb 47%
BUSCO: Fragmentedb 16.1%
BUSCO: Missingb 7.5%
N BUSCO orthologs (vertebrate) b 4104
  1. aValue generated with TransRate (17)
  2. bValue generated with BUSCO software (18)