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Fig. 2

From: Transcriptionally induced enhancers in the macrophage immune response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection

Fig. 2

Regulation of Tnfrsf1b by induced enhancers. a Time course expression of the Tnfrsf1b gene. b Time course eRNA expression of Tnfrsf1b-associated induced enhancer. In (a) and (b), data were averaged over replicates and log-transformed, error bars are the SEM (see Methods). c TAD containing Tnfrsf1b and associated enhancers; induced enhancers are shown as longer green blocks. Genes are split into two tracks based on the strand, wide orange marks denote gene promoters. DEGs significantly up-regulated at 4 h are shown in purple and their associations with enhancers are shown as thicker black connections. Super enhancers are shown as defined by Hah et al. [34] in LPS-treated macrophages. Histone marks are shown as defined by Ostuni et al. [61] in untreated and LPS-treated macrophages

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