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Table 3 The top 30 genes with differential expression reported by the OMICfpp method using the interval score evaluated using the complete distribution

From: OMICfpp: a fuzzy approach for paired RNA-Seq counts

ENSEMBL ID Gene symbol Synonyms CRC status Other cancer
ENSG00000030304 MUSK CMS9, FADS Known [54] Known [55]
ENSG00000034971 MYOC GPOA, JOAG, TIGR, GLC1A, JOAG1 New Known [38]
ENSG00000095752 IL11 AGIF, IL-11 Known [29] Known [29]
ENSG00000108231 LGI1 EPT, ETL1, ADLTE, ADPAEF, ADPEAF, IB1099, EPITEMPIN New Known [88]
ENSG00000119147 C2orf40 ECRG4, augurin Known [89] Known [90]
ENSG00000125851 PCSK2 PC2, NEC2, SPC2, NEC 2, NEC-2 New Known [91]
ENSG00000135406 PRPH NEF4, PRPH1 Known [92] Known [93]
ENSG00000141391 PRELID3A C18orf43, FLJ31484, HFL-EDDG1, SLMO1 New New
ENSG00000142959 BEST4 VMD2L2 New New
ENSG00000144339 TMEFF2 TR, HPP1, TPEF, TR-2, TENB2, CT120.2 Known [94] Known [95]
ENSG00000167767 KRT80 KB20 Known [96] Known [97]
ENSG00000169764 UGP2 UDPG, UGP1, UDPGP, UGPP1, UGPP2, UDPGP2, pHC379 Known [98] Known [99]
ENSG00000169862 CTNND2 GT24, NPRAP New Known [100]
ENSG00000174358 SLC6A19 HND, B0AT1 New Known [101]
ENSG00000183034 OTOP2 - New New
ENSG00000196660 SLC30A10 ZNT8, ZRC1, HMDPC, ZNT10, ZnT-10, HMNDYT1, DKFZp547M236 Known [102] Known [103]
ENSG00000211666 IGLV2-14 - New New
ENSG00000223260 RN7SKP194 - New New
ENSG00000225335 AC016027.1 - New New
ENSG00000227649 MTND6P32 - New New
ENSG00000228742 LINC02577 - New New
ENSG00000253233 AP005902.1 - New New
ENSG00000254166 PCAT2 PCA2, CARLO4, CARLo-4, TCONS00015167 New New
ENSG00000260574 AL360157.1 - New New
ENSG00000261650 AC055717.2 - New New
ENSG00000264099 MIR4803 hsa-mir-4803 New Known [65]
ENSG00000110887 DAO DAAO, OXDA, DAMOX New Known [104]
ENSG00000134201 GSTM5 GTM5, GSTM5-5 Known [105] Known [106]
ENSG00000162460 TMEM82 - New Known [107]
ENSG00000186451 SPATA12 SRG5 New Known [108]
  1. The term “known” is assigned if the gene has been previously reported as differentially expressed in colorectal cancer (CRC) or in other types of cancer, otherwise “New” is used. The genes reported in common by OMICfpp, edgeR and DESeq2 are in bold entries