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Fig. 5

From: Human genes escaping X-inactivation revealed by single cell expression data

Fig. 5

Identified escapees and statistical significance of the overlap with literature-based catalog compiled by Balaton et al. [13]. a The numbers of escapees identified by each of the analyses. The numbers include only genes that were present in Balaton et al. [13] and exclude PAR genes. b Statistical analysis based on the hypergeometric distribution measuring the overlap between the literature-based list as presented by Balaton et al. [13] and the escapee assigned in this study (as in (a)). Y-axis is the -log10(x) of the calculated p-value. c Venn diagram of the 4 sets of escapees according to the analyzed fibroblasts and lymphoblasts, the Balaton-Esc collection [13], and the Tukiainen-Esc [16]. Including PAR. For details see text. Source data in Additional file 6: Table S5

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