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Fig. 2

From: Sex differences in gene regulation in the dorsal root ganglion after nerve injury

Fig. 2

Sex differences of gene expression in DRGs from naïve rats. a Schematic diagram of experiment. RNA-seq performed on ipsilateral L4-L6 DRGs from naïve male and female rats. Differentially expressed genes (DEG) in one sex are identified by a |log2fold change (FC)| > 0.5 and an FDR < 0.05. b Volcano plot of differential gene expression in naïve rats between male and female rats. Significant genes are designated in red. Fold change represents the ratio of gene expression in female to male rats. c Venn diagram representing the number of genes expressed in males (orange), females (green), and in both sexes (overlap). d Heatmap that show the log2FC of the 200 most variable genes between naïve male and naive female rats. e Gene ontology pathways associated with increased expression of genes in male (top; orange) and female (bottom; green) naïve DRG. DRG dorsal root ganglion

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