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Fig. 7

From: Sex differences in gene regulation in the dorsal root ganglion after nerve injury

Fig. 7

Modified KEGG map of the JNK and p38 MAP kinase signaling pathway showing transcriptional changes. Rectangles represent key genes within the pathway. Coloration in the left half and right half of each rectangle indicates the log2FC in gene expression following CCI versus naïve for male (left) and female (right). Only gene expression changes with an FDR < 0.05 are shown. Red shades indicated increased gene expression after CCI compared with naïve and blue shades indicated decreased gene expression as shown on the color key. Green frames identify genes that show differential gene expression between female and male DRGs with an FDR < 0.05. DRG dorsal root ganglion, CCI chronic constriction injury, FDR false discovery rate, FC fold change

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