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Table 1 GO terms associated with genes changed by resveratrol

From: A modular analysis of microglia gene expression, insights into the aged phenotype

GO biological process complete Fold-enrichment P-value
antigen processing and presentation of endogenous peptide antigen (GO:0002483) 48.94 6.92E-04
cellular response to interferon-beta (GO:0035458) 46.37 1.89E-20
response to interferon-beta (GO:0035456) 45.68 3.50E-24
cellular response to interferon-alpha (GO:0035457) 43.51 2.29E-02
response to interferon-alpha (GO:0035455) 41.22 3.17E-07
regulation of response to interferon-gamma (GO:0060330) 40.79 1.69E-03
antigen processing and presentation of endogenous antigen (GO:0019883) 40.79 1.69E-03
cellular response to exogenous dsRNA (GO:0071360) 32.63 5.04E-03
negative regulation of viral genome replication (GO:0045071) 30.12 1.49E-10
positive regulation of interferon-alpha production (GO:0032727) 29.37 6.76E-04
regulation of interferon-alpha production (GO:0032647) 27.41 8.74E-05
cytokine metabolic process (GO:0042107) 25.76 1.59E-02
positive regulation of response to cytokine stimulus (GO:0060760) 25.76 1.06E-07