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Fig. 2

From: Cardiomyogenic differentiation is fine-tuned by differential mRNA association with polysomes

Fig. 2

Polysome-bound RNA-seq revealed massive regulation of developmental genes. (a) Expression of lineage marker genes quantitated by -log2 RPKM. Stage markers are color-coded. Blue: pluripotency. Green: mesoderm. Light red: cardiac progenitors. Dark red: cardiomyocytes. Uncolored: endoderm and ectoderm. (b) Numbers of differentially expressed genes at each differentiation time-point, compared to the preceding time-point (FDR < 0.05, − 2 > logFC> 2). Numbers of protein-coding and non-coding genes are also shown (bottom panel). (c) Gene Ontology analysis of EnrichR Biological Process (BP) enriched terms for up-regulated (FDR < 0.05, logFC> 2) genes during cardiomyocyte differentiation when compared to each preceding time-point. (d) Gene expression pattern clusters of pluripotency (top) and cardiac (bottom) related genes and their EnrichR BP enriched terms. Six terms with lower p-values are shown. See also Additional file 2: Figures S4 and S5

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