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Table 1 Example of diseases and traits reported in rhesus macaques. Diseases are grouped based on whether a genetic association has been reported in macaques for that disease

From: mGAP: the macaque genotype and phenotype resource, a framework for accessing and interpreting macaque variant data, and identifying new models of human disease

Genetic Association Reported
SIV progression [1,2,3]
Age-related macular degeneration [4, 5]
Colorectal cancer [6]
Krabbe disease [7]
Ammenorhea [8]
Naltrexone response [9]
HPA axis dysregulation [10]
Alcohol intake levels [11,12,13]
Anxiety [14, 15]
No Genetic Association Reported
Autism [16]
Age-associated coginitive decline [17]
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) [18]
Endometriosis [19,20,21]
Left ventricular hypertrophy [22]
Type III Von-Willebrand [23]
Type II Diabetes [24,25,26]
Squamous cell carcinoma [27]
Coat-like retinopathy [28]
TB progression [29]
Osteoporosis [30]