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Fig. 3

From: Identification of genetic relationships and subspecies signatures in Xylella fastidiosa

Fig. 3

Distribution of k-mers specific to the X. fastidiosa subspecies morus and others. a core k-merome of X. fastidiosa species. b specific subsp. morus. c, d, e specific subsp. morus + sandyi and/or sandyi-like. f specific subsp. morus + multiplex. g, h specific subsp. morus + fastidiosa (with/without CFBP 8073 strain). i specific subsp. morus + fastidiosa (with CFBP 8073) + subsp. sandyi + subsp. sandyi-like. j specific subsp. morus + pauca. Frequency of k-mers are mapped onto the genome of reference for subsp. morus (Mul0034)

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