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Fig. 5

From: Identification of genetic relationships and subspecies signatures in Xylella fastidiosa

Fig. 5

Phylogenetic representation of X. fastidiosa using k-mers, ANIb and MLSA schemes. All the representations were constructed using the 46 X. fastidiosa, with addition of the X. taiwanensis genome sequence. a Whole genome-based dendrogram built with distance matrixes obtained after running simka (shared k-mers of 22 nucleotides) or ANIb (1020 nt) algorithms. Some specificities and similarities in enriched gene ontologies or identification of plasmid and chromosomic sequences specific to X. fastidiosa are highlighted at nodes or subclades. b Maximum-Likelihood (ML) tree constructed with 1000 replicates for bootstrap values using the concatenated sequences (4161 bp) of seven housekeeping genes from a MultiLocus Sequence Analysis (MLSA) scheme. Key features related to X. fastidiosa subspecies obtained through the combination of specific k-mer identified and gene ontologies enrichment tests are indicated at nodes

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