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Table 3 Properties of genome sequences of strains CFBP 7970, DSM 10026 and ATCC 35879

From: Identification of genetic relationships and subspecies signatures in Xylella fastidiosa

  CFBP 7970a DSM 10026b ATCC 35879c
Sequencing technology Ilumina MiSeq Shot gun Illumina MiSeq
Assembling method Velvet
SOAPdenovo SOAPGapCloser
Not available CLC Genomic Workbench
Genome size 2,493,794 bp 2,426,538 bp 2,522,328 bp
Number of contigs 93 72 16
Minimal size of contigs 500 bp 1 kb 1.2 kb
Coverage 968x 416x 1380x
  1. a Data from the present study
  2. b More details at:
  3. c More details at: