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Table 2 Thirty-six differentially expressed genes involved in motility and chemotaxis in wt1.2/wt0.3

From: Differential expression profiling of ΔlitR and ΔrpoQ mutants reveals insight into QS regulation of motility, adhesion and biofilm formation in Aliivibrio salmonicida

VSAL_ID FC p-adjusted Gene Function
VSAL_I0799 −2.55 3.1217E-13   methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein
VSAL_I1822 −2.42 9.1448E-06   methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein
VSAL_I1863 −2.15 1.9114E-07 motY sodium-type flagellar protein MotY precursor
VSAL_I2117 −2.26 4.7375E-06   methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein
VSAL_I2193 −2.96 1.4728E-16   methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein
VSAL_I2293 −2.18 9.8803E-11 flhA polar flagellar assembly protein FlhA
VSAL_I2295 −2.23 1.0662E-10 flhB polar flagellar assembly protein FlhB
VSAL_I2298 −2.17 2.498E-07 flip polar flagellar assembly protein FliP
VSAL_I2299 −2.18 9.0124E-10 fliO polar flagellar assembly protein FliO
VSAL_I2300 −2.11 3.8699E-09 fliN polar flagellar switch protein FliN
VSAL_I2301 −2.02 2.1524E-08 fliM polar flagellar motor switch protein FliM
VSAL_I2302 −2.27 1.8061E-10 fliL polar flagellar protein FliL
VSAL_I2303 −2.05 9.5905E-09 fliK polar flagellar hook-length control protein FliK
VSAL_I2304 −2.15 1.6591E-06 fliJ polar flagellar assembly protein FliJ
VSAL_I2305 −2.12 2.5798E-07 fliI polar flagellum-specific ATP synthase FliI
VSAL_I2306 −2.66 2.9148E-17 fliH polar flagellar assembly protein FliH
VSAL_I2307 −2.61 5.6929E-15 fliG polar flagellar motor switch protein FliG
VSAL_I2308 −2.73 7.0985E-17 fliF polar flagellar M-ring protein FliF (pseudogene)
VSAL_I2309 −2.63 7.3748E-15 fliE flagellar hook-basal body complex protein FliE
VSAL_I2313 −2.13 4.8203E-13 fliS polar flagellar protein FliS
VSAL_I2314 −2.09 3.7432E-07 flaI polar flagellar protein FlaI
VSAL_I2316 −2.06 3.2548E-06 flaG polar flagellar protein FlaG (pseudogene)
VSAL_I2319 −2.68 1.6171E-16 flaC flagellin subunit C
VSAL_I2327 −2.20 1.314E-05 flaA flagellin subunit A
VSAL_I2328 −2.21 1.353E-08 flgL flagellar hook-associated protein type 3 FlgL
VSAL_I2329 −2.33 3.2437E-10 flgK hypothetical protein
VSAL_I2330 −2.14 5.0777E-09 flgJ peptidoglycan hydrolase FlgJ
VSAL_I2335 −2.02 1.3131E-05 flgE flagellar hook protein FlgE
VSAL_I2336 −2.13 1.3871E-10 flgD flagellar basal-body rod protein FlgD
VSAL_I2337 −2.20 1.5834E-09 flgC flagellar basal-body rod protein FlgC
VSAL_I2338 −2.29 8.8397E-09 flgB flagellar basal-body rod protein FlgB
VSAL_I2517 −2.51 3.4203E-14 flaF flagellin subunit F
VSAL_I2897 −2.40 6.0326E-09 fliL putative flagellar basal body-associated protein FliL
VSAL_II0675 −2.38 0.00023876   methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein
VSAL_II0712 −3.87 8.4405E-30   methyl-accepting chemotaxis citrate transducer
VSAL_II1022 −2.60 8.1567E-05   methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein