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Table 3 Detailed information on 17 total samples

From: Integrated analysis of lncRNA and mRNA repertoires in Marek’s disease infected spleens identifies genes relevant to resistance

Group Subgroup Sample ID Sex Collection time point (dpi)
noninfected s17–1 Female 43
noninfected s17–2 Female 43
noninfected s14–5 Male 40
noninfected s21–5 Male 49
noninfected s12–1 Female 37
infected tumorous s10–4 Female 35
infected tumorous s13–2 Female 38
infected tumorous s14–8 Female 40
infected tumorous s16–2 Female 42
infected tumorous s6–3 Female 31
infected tumorous s7–2 Male 32
infected tumorous s9–2 Female 34
infected survivor s24–11 Female 55
infected survivor s24–6 Female 55
infected survivor s24–7 Female 55
infected survivor s24–8 Female 55
infected survivor s24–9 Male 55