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Table 1 Orthologs of trihelix genes among wheat and its relatives

From: Genome-wide identification and expression profiling of trihelix gene family under abiotic stresses in wheat

Wheat Subgenome A T. urartu (AA) Wheat Subgenome B Wheat Subgenome D Ae. tauschii (DD) B. distachyon Rice
  TuGT-1 TaGT-31 TaGT-63 AetGT-1 BdGT-6 Os05g03740.1
TaGT-1 TuGT-2 TaGT-32 TaGT-64 AetGT-2 BdGT-13 Os10g37240.2
TaGT-2 TuGT-3 TaGT-33 TaGT-65 AetGT-3 BdGT-14 Os10g41460.1
TaGT-3   TaGT-34 TaGT-66 AetGT-4 BdGT-2 Os03g18330.1
TaGT-4   TaGT-35 TaGT-67 AetGT-5 BdGT-5 Os05g48690.1
TaGT-5 TuGT-5 TaGT-36 TaGT-68 AetGT-6 BdGT-21 Os11g06410.1
TaGT-6 TuGT-6 TaGT-37 TaGT-69 AetGT-7 BdGT-24 Os04g32590.1
TaGT-7 TuGT-7 TaGT-38 TaGT-70   BdGT-25 Os04g33300.1
TaGT-8   TaGT-39 TaGT-71 AetGT-8 BdGT-26 Os04g36790.1
TaGT-9 TuGT-8 TaGT-40 TaGT-72 AetGT-9 BdGT-27 Os04g40930.1
TaGT-10 TuGT-9 TaGT-41 TaGT-73 AetGT-10 BdGT-28 Os04g45750.1
    TaGT-74 AetGT-11 BdGT-29 Os04g45940.1
  TuGT-10 TaGT-42 TaGT-75   BdGT-30 Os04g51320.1
TaGT-11 TuGT-11 TaGT-43 TaGT-76 AetGT-12 BdGT-31 Os04g57530.1
TaGT-12 TuGT-12 TaGT-44 TaGT-77 AetGT-13 BdGT-4 Os01g21590.1
TaGT-13 TaGT-45 TaGT-78 AetGT-14
TaGT-14 TuGT-13
TaGT-15 TuGT-14 TaGT-46 TaGT-79 AetGT-15 BdGT-8 Os01g52090.1
TaGT-16 TuGT-15 TaGT-47 TaGT-80 AetGT-16 BdGT-7 Os01g48320.1
TaGT-17   TaGT-48 TaGT-81 AetGT-17 BdGT-9 Os01g70230.1
TaGT-18 TuGT-17 TaGT-52 TaGT-85 AetGT-21   
TaGT-19 TuGT-18 TaGT-51 TaGT-84 AetGT-20   Os03g18340.1
TaGT-20   TaGT-50 TaGT-83 AetGT-19   
TaGT-21 TuGT-16 TaGT-49 TaGT-82 AetGT-18 BdGT-1 Os03g46350.1
TaGT-22   TaGT-58 TaGT-89   BdGT-15 Os08g37810.1
TaGT-23 TuGT-19 TaGT-55 TaGT-86 AetGT-23 BdGT-23 Os12g06640.1
TaGT-24   TaGT-56 TaGT-87 AetGT-24 BdGT-22 Os09g38570.1
TaGT-25   TaGT-57 TaGT-88 AetGT-25 BdGT-16 Os02g31160.1
TaGT-26   TaGT-54 TaGT-94 AetGT-22 BdGT-3 Os03g02240.1
TaGT-27   TaGT-59 TaGT-90 AetGT-26 BdGT-10 Os02g01380.1
TaGT-28 TuGT-21 TaGT-61 TaGT-91 AetGT-28 BdGT-17 Os02g33610.1
TaGT-29   TaGT-60 TaGT-92 AetGT-27 BdGT-19 Os02g35690.1
TaGT-30 TuGT-22 TaGT-62 TaGT-93 AetGT-29 BdGT-20 Os02g43300.1
  TuGT-20     BdGT-11 Os02g07800.1
      BdGT-18 Os02g33770.1