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Table 4 Mutations associated with resistance to kanamycin in strains with a previously acquired resistance to amoxicillin, enrofloxacin, or tetracycline

From: Effects of a previously selected antibiotic resistance on mutations acquired during development of a second resistance in Escherichia coli

Gene product Gene Mutation Pop. frequency Strains
Multidrug efflux pump RND permease acrB V139F 0.73–1 E2/3
Inner membrane magnesium ion transporter corA Del V264-F266 0.93 T1/4
Sensor protein of Cpx two-component system cpxA Q242L 1 E2/3
Cytochrome bo3 ubiquinol oxidase subunit 1 cyoB G662C 0.86–0.93 E2/3
Del G448658 (FS661) 0.13 E1/3
Start1L 0.12 E1/3
Cytochrome bo3 ubiquinol oxidase subunit 3 cyoC Start1I 0.86–0.93 E2/3
Del C448658 (FS1) 0.13 E1/3
N661Stop 0.12 E1/3
Formate dehydrogenase O subunit α fdoG V226 L 0.36–0.58 A2/3
Elongation factor G fusA T393I 1 A1/3
F605 L 1 E3/3, T3/4
P610L 0.92–0.97 A2/3
P610T 0.96 T1/4
sensory histidine kinase kdpD Q728P 0.36–0.61 A1/3, T1/4
tRNA-Leu leuP V16 V 0.67 A1/3
Outer membrane lipoprotein mlaA Q728P 0.88 T1/4
Del F42-N43 0.92 T1/4
2-O-α-mannosyl-D-glycerate specific PTS permease mngA F431 L 0.28–0.59 A2/3
Mismatch repair protein mutL W390 L 0.11–0.13 A1/4, T2/4
Iron-sulfur cluster carrier protein nfuA Ins 8 nt after G3546085 (FS154) 0.23 A1/3
NADH:quinone oxidoreductase subunit CD nuoC Del R471-L474 0.93 E1/3
NADH:quinone oxidoreductase subunit G nuoG Ins C after A2399396 (FS257) 0.4 A1/3
Murein/oligopeptide ABC transporter subunit oppF L888Stop 0.74–1 E2/3
Ins SIQ after L187 0.14 E1/3
Aminopeptidase N pepN V809E 0.57 A1/3
RNA polymerase subunit β’ rpoC G367C 0.16 E1/3
ATP binding protein of putrescine ABC exporter sapF L181Q 1 T2/4
Peptide antibiotic transporter sbmA Ins G after T393897 (FS88) 0.99 E1/3
W98Stop 0.44 A1/3
Y162Stop 0.11 T1/4
W179Stop 0.53–0.60 T2/4
S250Stop 0.44 A1/3
L369 L 0.14 T2/4
I370L 0.14 T2/4
Uncharacterized protein ygaQ Q417K 1 E2/3
Uncharacterized protein ypjC 5′ UTR (T2785462C) 1 E2/3
Putative transporter yqeG P282P 0.22 E1/3
Putative fimbrial usher protein yraJ Q614L 0.18 T1/4
H615H 0.19 T1/4
  1. Del = deletion, Ins = insertion, underlined letters and numbers indicate nucleotides and their genomic position. Population frequency indicates the mutational frequency in the sequenced population. Strains indicates the prevalence of a mutation within different replicates. A: population with previously acquired resistance to amoxicillin, E: population with previously acquired resistance to enrofloxacin, T: population with previously acquired resistance to tetracycline. X/Y: X indicates number of replicates with particular mutation, Y indicates total number of replicates that were sequenced. Mutations associated with resistance in a wild-type background are shown in bold. Mutations associated with the previous resistance have been omitted from the table