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Table 1 Enrichment of differentially expressed genes (DEGs) for known interactions (“interactome”) for each region and drug combination. The most enriched (up to 10) are shown for each brain region/drug combination

From: Transcriptional changes in response to ketamine ester-analogs SN 35210 and SN 35563 in the rat brain

Region # interactions (p < 0.5) Top interactions p value
ACB 4 YWHAZ interactions 1.69E-06
IPPK interactions 2.75E-06
MAP2K4 interactions 4.12E-06
NANOG interactions 4.31E-06
BLA 23 DLG4 interactions 4.32E-23
DLGAP1 interactions 2.05E-19
SYNGAP1 interactions 5.91E-17
AGAP2 interactions 4.43E-16
SHANK3 interactions 1.87E-15
GRIN2B interactions 2.49E-12
GRIN1 interactions 9.86E-11
GRID2 interactions 1.70E-09
DLG1 interactions 2.44E-09
YWHAZ interactions 5.69E-09
INS 1 NTRK1 interactions 9.35E-07
PVT 29 DLGAP1 interactions 2.26E-22
DLG4 interactions 8.56E-22
AGAP2 interactions 3.13E-20
SYNGAP1 interactions 1.00E-19
SHANK3 interactions 5.25E-19
GRIN2B interactions 9.05E-15
GRIN1 interactions 9.32E-14
GRIN2A interactions 4.19E-13
YWHAZ interactions 5.32E-10
KCNB1 interactions 5.83E-10