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Table 1 Most significant canonical pathways identified by IPA analysis of the shared differentially expressed genes (DEGs)

From: A cmap-enabled gene expression signature-matching approach identifies small-molecule inducers of accelerated cell senescence

Ingenuity canonical pathways -log(p-value)
Role of BRCA1 in DNA Damage Response 8.54
Role of CHK Proteins in Cell Cycle Checkpoint Control 8.05
Mitotic Roles of Polo-Like Kinase 7.54
Cell Cycle: G2/M DNA Damage Checkpoint Regulation 6.06
Cell Cycle Control of Chromosomal Replication 5.41
ATM Signaling 5.22
Mismatch Repair in Eukaryotes 5.2
Hereditary Breast Cancer Signaling 4.63
Estrogen-mediated S-phase Entry 4.58
BER pathway 3.56
Cyclins and Cell Cycle Regulation 2.91
╬▓-alanine Degradation I 2.52