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Table 4 Upstream regulators identified by IPA comparing lactate with NaCl vehicle control treated GC

From: L-lactate induces specific genome wide alterations of gene expression in cultured bovine granulosa cells

Upstream Regulator Predicted Activation State Activation z-score p-value of overlap
TNF Activated 3.784 2.27E-29
dexamethasone   0 5.65E-26
beta-estradiol Activated 2.682 4.18E-25
Cg Activated 3.524 7.12E-24
IL1B Activated 2.977 1.68E-23
ESR2   1.642 8.62E-23
forskolin Activated 2.959 3.19E-22
progesterone Activated 2.292 1.06E-21
tretinoin Activated 2.311 1.46E-21
Vegf Activated 4.187 1.71E-21