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Fig. 6

From: Functional characterization of BmOVOs in silkworm, Bombyx mori

Fig. 6

Analysis of the binding elements of BmOVO zinc-finger domain on Bmotu promoter. a Binding of BmOVO zinc-finger domain to probes otu-A, otu-B and otu-C. b Sequence alignment of the predicted target binding sites of BmOVO protein. c BmN cells (105) were transfected with plasmids containing a luc gene driven by Bmotu promoters with different mutated CE1 element (1 × 1011 copies) and pRL-TK (1 × 1010 copies). Luciferase activities in the cells were determined at 60 h post-transfection, 100 μg protein from the lysed cells was used for luciferase assay. Mutant bases are shown in red. The deleted base are shown in “-”(*p < 0.05,**p < 0.01,***p < 0.001)

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