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Fig. 4

From: Transcriptomic and proteomic analyses of genetic factors influencing adductor muscle coloration in QN Orange scallops

Fig. 4

The mRNA expression levels of 12 genes examined by RT-PCR. Expression levels were normalized to β-actin and presented as relative expression to controls (mean ± SD). W stands for white adductor muscle samples (gray bar). O stands for orange adductor muscle samples (black bar). *P < 0.05; ** P < 0.01. BCO1, β-carotene15, 15′-monooxygenase; BCO2, β-carotene-9, 10′-oxygenase; ApoA, apolipoprotein A; ApoB, apolipoprotein B; MTTP, microsomal triglyceride transfer protein; SCAR, scavenger receptors; CYP450, cytochrome P450; RAB11A, ras-related protein Rab-11A; TIF, translation initiation factor; VPS, vacuolar protein sorting

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