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Fig. 4

From: Histone H3 lysine 4 methyltransferase is required for facultative heterochromatin at specific loci

Fig. 4

Examples where KMT2/SET1 is needed for H3K9me3. (a) Stacked bar plot shows the number (x-axis) of transcripts in proximity to an H3K9me3 peak that had a decreased H3K9me3 in kmt2/set-1 (p < 0.05). Corresponding transcripts were catalogued based on whether there was a change in expression relative to WT (q < 0.05). Yellow represents elevated expression in kmt2/set-1, blue indicates a lower expression and grey are transcripts with no significant change. (b) Gene-level plot of ChIP-seq and RNA-seq of the frq locus. H3K9me3 peaks from the ChIP-seq done in WT and kmt2/set-1 along with H3K4me3 peaks from ChIP performed in WT and kmt1/dim-5. The growth conditions (DD or LP30) are shown to the right. RNA-seq data is separated to display transcripts that originate from the plus (+) or minus (−) strand and are separated for the 3 different strains under each condition. As an added reference WC-2 ChIP-seq and disiRNA at frq are also shown. The bracketed numbers in the traces show the data range of the sequence alignments. (c) Same as in (b) except the diagram shows the divergently transcribed genes NCU02913 and NCU16472. (d) Bar plot showing the expression changes of NCU02913 and NCU16472 in WT, kmt2/set-1 and kmt1/dim-5 in DD and LP30

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